Seasonal flavors, artisanal products,
regional specialties — from Japan to the world Specializing in unique sake, teas, traditional crafts, designed articles and other products from Japan’s diverse regions
A service combining product stories, online orders and door-to-door international delivery

What’s JapanPage?

JapanPage offers global delivery of products from Japan’s diverse regions. We understand the joy of discovery and the thrill of ownership and we try to provide that to users by uncovering amazing seasonal flavors, artisanal products and regional specialties. We offer sake, teas, giftware, traditional crafts, designed articles and more.

Getting access to the countless wonders of Japan’s diverse regions from around the world has always been a challenge, until now. JapanPage uncovers amazing items, shares their story with users, takes orders online, and delivers door-to-door almost anywhere in the world.

Add some extra excitement to your day-to-day, own a conversation piece, give something amazing to that special someone.

JapanPage is here for you


What Makes JapanPage Special?

  • Product
    Product discovery
    Find fantastic products with intriguing stories from throughout Japan.
  • Online orders
    Order online as an individual or a commercial buyer representing restaurants, bars, shops or hotels.
  • Direct sourcing
    Order directly from suppliers, cheap and hassle-free.
  • Uniform product
    prices worldwide
    Get the same product price, anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically
    shipping charge
    Have the payment automatically calculated for you, broken down into product price and delivery charge.
  • Airfreight
    for all orders
    Receive products fast via airfreight (never shipping).
  • Door to door
    Get your order delivered to your door and leave the import procedures to us.
  • Reasonable
    airfreight rates
    Pay reasonable rates even for parcels over 30 kg.
  • Ambient/chilled
    Get products delivered at the optimum temperature, whether chilled or frozen, right to your door.
  • Any order size
    Order at any size, even under 500 grams.
  • Story pages
    Keep track of stories and media coverage.
  • Inquiries
    Send us any questions, wherever you are in the world.

- Why Choose JapanPage? -


specializes in finding the many wonderful craft products that Japan’s regions have to offer and making them available to consumers around the world.

It can be hard to get the right amount of handmade products at the right time, when they are only made in small lots. Delivering chilled or frozen products internationally is not easy either. But we have the knowhow to do it.
The products we feature come from all over Japan. We seek out and carefully select the best regional craft products, with the aim of delivering seasonal flavors, artisanal goods and regional specialties from Japan to the world. We’ve also developed rigorous temperature control methods and other logistics measures to send them practically anywhere in the world.
We bring you a wide range of sake, teas, giftware, traditional crafts and designed articles from Japan’s diverse regions. Criteria to select the products


JapanPage is like a regional craft product library. There’s something for everyone.

Our hope is that anyone can search through the many rare and unique products we have carefully selected, and find something that is just right for them.
To make that possible we:
・Compile special features on intriguing themes
・Find many, many items for each category
・Dig even deeper into the charms of different crafts and products
At JapanPage, we understand the joy of discovery and the thrill of ownership, and we try to provide that to users by uncovering amazing seasonal flavors, artisanal goods and regional specialties.
JapanPage is young but growing, and we hope you will join us on our journey to discover the countless wonders of Japan’s diverse regions.


Every product has a story.

When you open your parcel, we want you to feel satisfaction, joy and excitement. We want to bring you maximum satisfaction and we want you to be able to share your joy with others. That’s why we look for distinctive items with rare and unique traits.
Behind every product is a story that holds hidden value. We uncover that story so that you can appreciate it too.


The same price, wherever you are in the world

Prices for products on JapanPage are the same for everyone, everywhere.For each item, the product price is the same no matter where you live in the world. The delivery charge will depend on your location and is automatically added to your cart.The product prices are the same for every country and region in the world. Rest assured, product prices do not change, no matter where you live.
※ The shipment is sent DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). You may be required to pay any applicable taxes and customs duties upon delivery in your country.


Delivered by air at an economical price on all orders, from large to small

JapanPage delivers all orders by air. We can deliver everything from single orders to orders of thousands of items. You can select between small orders (for gifts, professional testing, etc.) or large orders (wholesale, inventory for events, etc) to suit your purchasing and delivery needs.

JapanPage delivers products from all over the nation to 180 countries around the world utilizing airmail. We sort our products by region of origin to simplify the exportation process. This allows us to use a delivery model for prices not traditionally possible, and offer prices that can be cheaper than sea mail depending on volume and destination.


Safe delivery support through proprietary packing methods and insurance

JapanPage ships using top class, durable cardboard over standard cardboards to ensure safe delivery. We protect the products by tightly packing them with our durable cardboard before shipping. Packages are also covered by international shipping insurance for an added layer of safety.

The shipment of liquids is thought to be difficult to conduct. However at JapanPage, we use a variety of methods, including the above, to make shipment of fluids and alcohol a reality with and be accepted.


Optimal viewing on PC, smartphone or tablet!

We know that our users want to be able to view our website on any device, whether by smartphone on the go, on a tablet with family members or via PC when conferring with associates.
JapanPage’s responsive webpages adapt to the size of the screen you’re using.

4 short steps,
from product discover to delivery

  • STEP1
    Choose your purchases
    Place them in your cart

    For each item, the price shown on the product pages is only the product price. The delivery charge is added later.

  • STEP2
    Register address for delivery

    The delivery charge will be calculated using the address you register.

  • STEP3
    Confirm the total.
    It includes international shipping to your door.

    The total charge (product price + delivery fee, etc.) will be displayed on the checkout page. Later, upon delivery, you pay any import duties and taxes applicable to your area.

  • STEP4
    Receive your order

    When opening your parcel, make sure the contents match your order description. If there is any discrepancy, please contact us using the required form.


Price to purchase products from JapanPage.

Click here for details about expense to buy products through JapanPage
Product price
Product price
Product price
Packing fee + Delivery fee
(In Japan + International + In destination)
Comission + International delivery insurance
*to be fixed by total weight Click here for details
The total charge (product price + delivery fee, etc.)
will be displayed on the checkout page. Purchaser will checkout on JapanPage.
Import duties
+ Tax
Click here for details
International shipping company
will send invoice to purchaser.
Purchaser should pay it to
international shipping company
by themselves

PaymentHow to pay

  • Credit card
    Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Apple pay
    Apple pay
  • Google pay
    Google pay
  • Amazon pay
    Amazon pay

We use top class, durable cardboard to pack products

At JapanPage, we painstakingly and durably package each product and deliver them to the buyer. They are valuable products. We constantly research and repeatedly improve our packing method and pack in a way that allows the package to be able to withstand air transport. Click here for details

Delivery method
is all over the air

  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • EMS


Shipments can be insured against loss or breakage during transit.
Overseas freight insurance is available to protect you from the unlikely event that the shipment is lost or the contents arrive broken. You would need to submit a report explaining the incident and the loss or damage.
  • 紛失
  • 破損
  • まがり・へこみ
    Bent or dented
  • 輸送用具の衝突
    by transport


  • Is there a membership fee?

    No. Membership is free. And membership gives you access to e-magazine news on latest products. The e-magazine gives you updated product information and an insider’s look into the expertise of artisans in Japan’s diverse regions.

  • I’ve been searching for a product, but I can’t find it.

    We’d be happy to contact producers for you to discuss terms. Please use this form to give us details about what you are looking for.

  • I’m impressed by the product selection and quality and want to buy some things as an individual. Later I may want to place an order as a commercial buyer. Is there a different website for commercial buyers?

    Yes. JapanPage has two websites, one for individual buyers, one for commercial buyers.The commercial buyer site displays wholesale prices, and quantities must be over a set minimum.You will need to register a User Name and Password, and provide information about your enterprise. Please apply here.

  • Can you form a partnership with a supplier who is able to supply crafts at quantities I am interested in?

    Yes. We have already set up contractual partnerships with some suppliers and work with them. Feel free to ask us for more information.

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